Future projects

promoting health


We are looking to identify future projects and welcome entrepreneurs with an interesting product in the life sciences space which is ready to be launched.


We provide a strong proof of business without cost or share dilution to the entrepreneur.


For more information please contact

Jarne Elleholm at je@zalubris.co.uk or

John Bo Jacobsen at jbj@zalubris.co.uk

Promoting Health a balance


Zalubris is a newly established UK company with the objective of bringing healthcare innovation to the UK market. The name Zalubris is derived from the Latin word Salubris, meaning healthy, health-giving, or just “Promoting Health”.


Zalubris is initially working with the Danish company Brainreader (www.brainreader.net) to introduce their Neuroreader software to the UK market.


Neuroreader supporting dementia diagnosis


Neuroreader is a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals looking to diagnose dementia and detect the underlying causes. It enhances human judgement by providing a digital means of measuring, comparing and combining information about the brain.


Read more under the Neuroreader tab above.


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