Neuroreader™ is a new automated support tool for the diagnosis of dementia with the highest possible accuracy.


Neuroreader is a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals looking to diagnose Alzheimer's and dementia. It enhances human judgement by providing a digital means of measuring, comparing and combining information about the brain.


Neuroreader automates the review and quantification of regions of interest in dementia on MRI scans. The software is a support tool for healthcare professionals in the differential diagnostic process of diagnosing dementia and Alzheimer's. The software processes the MRI scans within 5-10 minutes and provides a self-explanatory patient report with total brain volume, hippocampal volume and volumetric data on key segments of the brain measured against a healthy database.


The software is validated using a manually annotated ADNI dataset ( based on the EADC-­‐ADNI Harmonized Protocol for Hippocampal Segmentation on Magnetic Resonance. A set of 100 images have been analysed and are used as reference in the statistical model.


 The software is EC and FDA approved




According to the Alzheimer's Society in the UK the overall economic impact of dementia in the UK is £26.3 billion, working out at an average annual cost of £32,250 per person.


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